Wedding Planning Checklist (Part Two)

By April 5, 2019Wedding Information

Welcome back for the second part of the Wedding Planning Checklist, this week I cover from 3 months before your Wedding Day right up to your Wedding Day and beyond.

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Here we go!

3 Months Before

  • Research and Order Table Favours/Decorations

Whether you’re looking for cheap and cheerful or you want to get creative with some D.I.Y wedding favours, now’s the time to start thinking about them.

  • Wedding Dress fittings

With three months to go, it’s time to make sure your dress fits perfectly!

  • Hair and Make-Up Trial

Explore your options and discover what suits you by going for a trial with your hair and makeup artist – if you can, arrange it so it coincides with a night out, so you can really put your makeup to the test,

  • Write your Wedding Speeches

If you’re giving a speech or know someone who is, now’s the time to nudge them. Firstly, you must decide on who will be giving the speeches. Speeches take time to perfect and the more you can practise them the better they’ll be. Write it from the heart, and then practice, practice, practice…

  • Menu Tasting

Narrow down your wedding breakfast and canapé choices to a few options and then attend a tasting to see which ones you like the most.

  • Initial Table Plan Layout

When creating your table plan, figure out who can sit next to who, and who cannot sit together, you don’t want anything to ruin your day. Just don’t have a singles table.

  • Start having Facials

To ensure your skin is healthy and glowing on your wedding day. Think of all those wedding photos!

  • Send out Invitations

Traditionally they are sent out 6-12 weeks before the wedding, but you can send them sooner if you prefer. Include information for your guests on overnight accommodation, transport, parking and any dress code if appropriate. Include reply cards to ensure they all RSVP and ask your guests if they have any specific dietary requirements.

  • Choose your Wedding Vows

The little words that marry you and your spouse give meaning to everything else that happens during your wedding day. Additionally, the promises that you make to one another during the ceremony set the tone and parameters of your marriage. You want vows that are perfect for your big day.

  • Choose your Wedding Music and Readings

By choosing some poems and readings to be performed it will add to your whole wedding ceremony. Also consider any music you want to be played. Speak to your minister/registrar as they will be able to advise further.

  • First Dance

The first dance between the bride and groom is the most awaited moment for the newly-weds as well as the guests. It shows the love and unity between the new couple. Whether you go for a song that you both love, or a style of dance that maybe nobody has ever seen you perform (due to those secret lessons you have both been taking), make sure you plan it out and enjoy every second.

  • Create Song Lists

Your chosen DJ should be able to cater for whatever songs you want playing at your evening party, put together a list of the main songs you want played, and sent it over to them with enough time to incorporate them into their set list.

  • Purchase Gifts for the Bridal Party

As well as bouquets of flowers for the mothers of the bride and groom. Personalised gifts with your own message engraved make very special keepsakes.

  • Have your Stag and Hen Parties

There was a point when the stag and hen parties took place just before the wedding. Now it’s wise to get your celebrating in a few months before – this allows more time to focus on the last-minute details ahead of the big day and gives any bruises/shaved off eyebrows/embarrassing anecdotes time to disappear.

2 Months Before

  • Confirm Ceremony Details

Finalise all the important details for the order of service, then you can get them designed and printed.

  • Buy a Guest Book

Purchase a guest book so that all your guests can write a personal message to you both, you will then be able to look back at the book in years to come and reminisce over that special day.

1 Month Before

  • Arrange Final Wedding Dress Fitting

Bring along your mum, sister or best friend too, and then don’t lose any more weight!

  • Arrange Final Fittings for the Bridal Party

Get the final fittings done for all your bridal party, make sure everybody is happy and ready to go.

  •  Choose your Wedding Day Perfume

Your wedding day scent should be a natural extension of your signature fragrance, enlist your mum or a close friend to come with you, this will double the available body surface for testing—and follow your nose to pick up a fragrance you like.

  • Confirm all Supplier Bookings

Speak to them personally and make sure you have confirmation of dates, places and times in writing from them.

  • Confirm Honeymoon Booking

Check the booking and timings with your travel agent and ensure everything is paid up.

  • Confirm Wedding Day Schedule with your Venue

Make sure that you get the timings of the day in writing, so you can pass this onto the photographer/videographer, if you have the ceremony in the same room as the wedding breakfast, there will be time needed to alter the layout, this will give the photographer a set amount of time to carry out the wedding photos. Also check out what types of confetti can be thrown and where on the premises (ensure that you pass this detail onto the photographer).

  • Confirm your Witnesses

Both civil and religious ceremonies require two witnesses, you need to decide who you both want, and don’t be swayed by others in the decision. You are not going to upset anybody by choosing your best friend over your sister.

  • Arrange Church Rehearsal Day

A few days before is ideal and you could make an evening of it by inviting all your bridal party along to a dinner afterwards too.

  • Chase up Guests who are yet to Respond

The venue and the caterers will need to know final numbers at least 1-2 weeks before.

  • Finalise the Seating Plan

Pass on your table plan details and food requirements for the Wedding Breakfast and supply a copy to your venue and the caterer, and other suppliers who need to know.

  • Create & Order Place Cards and Table Plans

Get those place cards and table plans designed and on order, now you know the final numbers of those attending, and where they will be sitting, you can put the final touches to the plan.

  • Agree a Date to pick up the Suits

Also make a note of when they need to be returned – assign that task to your best man.

  •  ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’

Ask your mother or grandmother for something old, the rest is easy also a Silver sixpence is meant to bring good luck.

  • Make your own Favours and Table Decorations

If you are making your own favours and decorations, now is the time to get them finished.

Two Weeks Before

  • Supply your Photography Shot List

Ensure that you have fully discussed what shots you want on your wedding day, but don’t make everything too formal, as you will spend more time in front of the camera than enjoying your day. Let the photographer offer you advice on what will also work with the venue chosen.

  • Arrange Final Payments

This is crucial if you want all your suppliers to turn up as expected! And it’s also a satisfying feeling to have totally paid off your wedding.

  • Wear your Wedding Shoes

Don’t wear bridal shoes outside but do wear them around the house to make sure they’re comfortable on the day.

  • Go through your Wedding Day Plan with the Bridal Party

Make sure all your bridal party know where they need to be and when they need to be there – including any hair and make-up times for bridesmaids.

  • Arrange any Vaccinations

If required for your honeymoon.

  • Order Foreign Currency

Don’t leave this until the last minute, and then cause you a mass panic.

One Week Before

  • Create Emergency Kit

Include make-up, a compact mirror and powder, lipstick, tissues etc – anything you think you might need on the day. Ask one of your bridesmaids to carry your emergency kit for you.

  • Have your Beauty Treatments

Go for pre-wedding and honeymoon waxing or fake tanning in good time before the big day. Get eyebrows shaped and anything else that needs attention done the week before, not the day before. 

  • Groom Haircut

Make sure that groom gets his haircut a week before the wedding, so that it is how you like it for the day, and he doesn’t come with any surprise on the day.

  • Pack for your Honeymoon

You’re going on the holiday of a lifetime!

  • Issue the Final Wedding Day Schedule

Give the list of all the wedding suppliers involved in your wedding day with their contact details and times they are meant to arrive, in case they need to be contacted, to your best man. Also add the running order for the day to the list.

  • Purchase Honeymoon Items

If you need any last-minute items for the honeymoon, ensure that you get these the week before the wedding, do a checklist for everything you need to take so that you do not forget anything.

  • Write Thank-you Cards and Wrap Gifts

Make sure that you have written the thank-you cards to bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, parents etc. and then wrap any presents you have purchased. Give the responsibility of taking them to the venue to your partner.

  • Finalise Timings with Hair Stylist/Make-Up Artist

Make sure that the timings for when the hair stylist/make-up artist will arrive are agreed, as well as the running order for each member of the bridal party. 

  • Bride Hair Trimmed and/or Coloured

Only do as planned in your hair trials – this is not the time to experiment with a new colour or drastic style changes!

  • Wedding Rehearsal

This will help you know where to stand and when to speak and will prepare you, so you don’t feel nervous on the day.

  • Pick up your Wedding Dress

If you haven’t already, it’s finally time to bring your wedding dress home. Make sure you don’t show your partner, so it might be worth leaving it at a family member of friend’s house.

  • Collect any Hired Items

Do not leave this until the morning of your wedding – especially the grooms wear. Make sure you check each item to ensure it’s what you’re expecting too.

The Day Before

  • Drop off Essentials at the Wedding Venue

Look to drop off any accessories like the guest book and pens, decorations, table favours etc. at the venue the day before the wedding, this will also allow you to check that everything is in order for the big day.

  • Withdraw Cash

If you must pay any of your suppliers on the day with cash, make sure you have enough cash to pay them, you might want to let your best man or a family member sort this out for you.

  • Give Rings to the Best Man

Give the rings to the best man to look after (as long as you know he won’t lose or forget them).

  • Double Check Suitcases and Passports

Make sure that all your cases are packed, ensure that you have all your documents in place, especially your passports and travel money. 

  • Have Everything out Ready

Get everything out ready, have your wedding dress hanging up in its storage bag, then have all your accessories in place so you know that everything is there and ready.

  • Get Pampered

Book a manicure for the afternoon to avoid chips and breaks. Make sure your hands are wedding ring ready.

  • Relax

Don’t go to work, spend the day with friends or family and don’t do anything too exhausting.

  • Set the Alarm

You might want to remember to set your alarm, although it is highly likely you will wake up early.

Wedding Day

  • Eat Breakfast

Make sure that you both have a good hearty breakfast on the morning of your special day. This will help to settle your stomach.

  • Check the Wedding Flowers

Get one of your bridesmaids to oversee that the flowers have been delivered and everything is in order.

  • Check the Rings

Make sure that your other half doesn’t let his best man forget the rings. Although I’m sure he will try and wind him up beforehand and say he has forgotten them!

  • Practice the Speeches

Have a trial run through your speeches so you are more confident when it comes to the main event. If you can say them without reading from a piece of paper, it will keep your guests more engaged.

After the Wedding

  • Return Hired Items

Pass this task onto your best man, as you might be on the beach in Barbados when they need to be returned.

  • Write Thank-you Cards

Once you get back from your honeymoon, get those thank you cards ordered/written so that you can thank all those people that gave you such beautiful presents while your special day is still fresh in their memory.

  • Clean your Wedding Dress

Get your wedding dress cleaned before you decide to pack it away. That way it will look like brand new when you decide to bring it out of the closet again to reminisce. 

  • Order/Choose your Wedding Photographs

By the time you get back from your honeymoon, your photographs will be ready to view, and you will be able to decide on which images you put into your album, or what images you would like to purchase to make your own album.

  • Enjoy Married Life!

Finally, now everything is done, it is time to get on with married life, enjoy every minute of it.

That’s it for part two, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, and hopefully the information shared over the last couple of posts, will make your wedding planning go that little bit easier.

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