A Rainy Wedding

By June 26, 2019Wedding Information

In today’s blog post, we talk about Rain, or more precisely A Rainy Wedding Day.

The Great British weather is so unpredictable, so whether your wedding is in the middle of July or the middle of January, the threat of rain on your wedding day is a reality.

Many couples get nervous about the possibility of rain ruining their special day.

There’s nothing any of us can do to stop the rain on your wedding day, so you have just got to embrace it. You can still get some stunning and fun photographs.

With these simple steps and a little forward planning, you’ll be sure to eliminate any additional stress on the big day and keep spirits high. Should the heavens open!

Consult with the Venue – the thing to do if you have planned for an outdoor wedding, is to speak to the wedding co-ordinator. They will be able to advise on all the options for the day (rain or shine). They will be familiar with this situation, and will be able to advise you on a Plan B. A common option is to hire a marquee (if the venue and space allows), this allows you to shelter from the rain, and still have the outdoor wedding you planned. They will also be able to advise on suitable indoor spaces to take photographs.

The Ceremony – you might have your heart set on a lovely area on the lawn for your ceremony, with all your guests lined up behind you. Ensure that there is a room big enough for all your guests, should your ceremony need to be moved indoors.

Consider your Guests – when looking for a venue, think about how any indoor space can be utilised in case of rain. You need to have somewhere for your guests to go.

Always have an Umbrella – hopefully it will not be required, but it’s better to have one just in case. Check with your photographer, as any decent one will have one to hand, and it will be a pretty one that looks good in the photos.

Waterproof your Make-up – make sure you wear waterproof mascara as it is both good for those happy tears and those rainy days. Make sure you discuss this with your make-up artist. Also wear lip balm, as your lips tend to dry out in cold weather.

Hair Styling – It’s also worth taking a hair dryer and good quality hair spray to touch up throughout the day should you get caught in the rain.

Wrap Up Warm – to ensure your dress doesn’t get completely soaked, make sure you have a cardigan or jacket to hand (just in case). Make sure you get a hot drink between photo sessions to keep warm.

Footwear – if you are looking to wear heels, make sure you have a pair of flat shoes or even wellies that you can use outside. You don’t want to make walking on wet ground harder than it needs to be.

Tissues – make sure you pack a pocket-sized pack of tissues, just in case your eyes water or your nose runs. Let your bridesmaids or other half look after them for you.

Check the Weather Forecast – keep an eye on the forecast right up to your wedding day. You may find out that it will only rain during certain times of the day.

Changes to the Plan – don’t be afraid to switch around your plan/timeline. Rather than taking all your photographs in one go, you may need to pop out in short bursts when the weather lets up.

Trust your Photographer – never let the rain stress you out, there is nothing you can do about it. Smile for the photos and most of all, enjoy your day. You may need to get the formal photos done inside the venue, and then go off for a short period of time to get some shots in sheltered areas with your other half and smaller groups. You may be surprised by what fun photos you can get in the rain.

Getting Wet – occasionally the best wedding photos, are the ones in the rain, when the umbrella goes down and the happy couple start to dance in the rain.

I hope that these steps will help you with your wedding day planning and take away some of those worries about a rainy wedding day.

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