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Are you having trouble deciding on what type of entertainment to have on your Wedding Day?

With so many options available to you, I thought I would share the thoughts of a fast-growing company based in Stratford Upon Avon.

I asked Alex from Entertainment Nation if he would be willing to share some details about the company and what they have to offer.

Q – Hi Alex, thank you for taking the time to contribute to my blog. The first question I have is how long has Entertainment Nation been trading?

A – Entertainment Nation was incorporated in 2013 and has been growing ever since. In only a few short years, our dedication to providing the very best musicians and exciting talent to weddings, parties and corporate functions has seen us become one of the leading suppliers of premier live music and entertainment in the UK and abroad, and the future holds a lot of excitement for us!

Q – What type of wedding entertainment does Entertainment Nation offer?

A – We offer every kind of wedding entertainment you can imagine! Live bands are our bread and butter, and you’ll find everything to suit all tastes: mellow solo guitarists, thrilling pop and rock cover bands, serene string quartets, vintage swing orchestras and more.

We also host the finest wedding DJs in the country, and we’ve got tribute acts to some of the country’s favourite artists. Added to this is our enormous choice of alternative entertainers – singing waiters, magicians, comedians and caricaturists are all here to add some unexpected thrills to your big day! 

Q – Does Entertainment Nation cover the whole of the UK or just certain counties?

A – We cover the whole of the UK, and then some! Our stunning selection of UK and international acts all travel, and our website filters make it easy to find bands who are available to play in your region. Once we have your location, a date, and a budget to work with, we’re able to recommend all the bands that can travel to your venue, whether it’s in the UK or abroad. 

Q – What sets Entertainment Nation apart from others in your industry?

A – We’re always thinking about the experience for the bride or groom-to-be looking to hire entertainment for their wedding. We understand that most people are booking a band for the first time, so we do everything we can to make what may seem an intimidating process relaxed and enjoyable.

We’ve also got an incredible team of friendly advisers on hand every day from 10am to 10pm, so, there’s always someone to help when its most convenient.

We vet all our acts to make sure they’re talented and reliable. Our acts are professionals who perform full-time, ensuring a polished performance no matter who you book!

Q – What are the key things Entertainment Nation look for in the acts that they represent?

A – Before we even consider putting an act on our books, they need to have a proven track record of reliable, high-quality performances, and the testimonials to back them up.

We represent bands who are not only great musicians, but masters of showmanship – that means our bands know which songs work to get your guests on the dancefloor and make everyone in the audience feel special.

They’re also great folk to work with, doing all they can to make your big day as special as it can be.

Q – How does Entertainment Nation vet their acts to ensure that the act will have the ‘WOW’ factor at a wedding? 

A – Our company was founded by live musicians with years of experience performing in high-end shows across the world. Their expertise is used to scrutinise everyone who comes to us, but we also make sure our acts have years of experience and a track record of great performances.

We also make sure every act offers something a little bit different – a hook that sets them apart from the rest!

Q – How does the client sample the acts work before making a decision?

A – Each band or entertainer on our roster has an in-depth profile, where you can easily find out if they’re right for you!

On each profile you’ll discover video and audio clips, letting you see and hear exactly how they perform. You can also read about the history of each act, learn what experience they have, the kind of clients they’ve performed for, and check out a repertoire of songs they cover.

Q – How far in advance of the wedding day do you normally get enquiries from potential clients?

A – It all depends on how a wedding has been organised! In most cases, our clients will aim to book a wedding band at least a year in advance – which is what we recommend, as the more popular bands’ diaries tend to fill up fast!

Many people have had to book just months, weeks, or even days before the wedding, and though it can be a challenge, we always do our best to match you with a band you’ll love and sort everything in time!

Q – Should a couple have their current act cancel on them at short notice, are you able to assist with last minute bookings?

A – Of course! We represent hundreds of acts and have close relationships with them to assist with last minute bookings. We have plenty of exceptional and trusted bands who know how to put on a great show at short notice to rescue your big day. Your guests will think nothing went wrong!

To avoid the hassle of a late cancellation, we recommend you book your entertainment through a reputable agency like Entertainment Nation, where you are covered by a legally binding contract between you and your act, which protects you in the very rare circumstance that your act must cancel at the last minute. As we only work with professionals, late cancellations are almost unheard of. Any acts doing so without good reason wouldn’t last long on our roster!

Q – How does the booking process work?

A – Typically, a couple will discover several bands they might be interested in, and so it’s a good idea to get in touch with our friendly team to help them decide!

The process is otherwise very simple – at the bottom of every band profile is a short enquiry form. Simply fill this out with a few details and hit “enquire”; our team will be in touch with your chosen acts’ availability. If your chosen acts are available, you’ll receive a comprehensive quote.

If you’re happy and want to go ahead and hire your wedding entertainment, we’ll secure your act and the arrangements are finalised.

The Entertainment Nation team will act a liaison between you and your chosen band until around 4 weeks prior to your wedding, when the band will get in touch to make all the final arrangements.

Q – What details does the client need to supply to you, about the venue that you will pass onto the act?

A – When it comes to venue details, we need to know a few things to pass onto the act to make sure they can prepare for the venue correctly and that they can perform to the best of their abilities. This includes the following:

  • The venue must offer a safe power supply. Acts will list their power requirements, so please make sure your venue can provide!
  • The venue must offer a safe, dry, and level performance area. Our acts have a lot of expensive instruments, lighting and PA systems, so you will need to ensure the stage or bandstand is safe for them to use and that neither they nor the equipment will be damaged!
  • The venue must hold relevant licenses required for live performances.
  • If your venue has a sound limiter in place, you should find out the decibel level it is set at and let us know. Many of our bands cannot guarantee their best performance with sound limiters in place if they are set quieter than an un-amplified drum kit, and some bands may refuse to play if it will severely compromise their performance.
  • Your venue should offer free parking to the artists, and if not, you’ll be required to cover this cost.
  • The venue should offer a changing room, but if this is not be possible, be sure to let us know before you confirm an act!

Q – Does the client need to supply the act with anything on the night (food, drinks etc.)?

A – Yes – we ask that the artist is provided with a free reasonable supply of mineral water or soft drinks for the duration of their stay. We also ask that the artist is provided with a hot meal or buffet, particularly if they are on site for 3 hours or more.

This not only seems fair to us, but it will also guarantee that they give their best performance – many acts won’t have had a chance to grab a decent meal due to all the travelling, setting up, and waiting around, and nobody wants to play when they’re hungry!

Q – How key are testimonials/referrals to your business?

A – We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we continually receive from our clients. Our Trustpilot ratings let you read genuine customer reviews and offer even more peace of mind when browsing our bands and deciding whether to book through Entertainment Nation.

Q – Do you offer a contract, or how does this work once you have taken a client on?

A – We do! Our contracts are what gives security and peace of mind between both the client and the artist. Once the contract is signed, legally binding terms mean both parties are protected from any unlikely eventuality. This makes booking with Entertainment Nation a safer option to dealing directly with different bands, as we act as an expert liaison between the band and the client to ensure all the details are correct and the performance goes off without a hitch. Anyone booking with us should read our terms and conditions carefully, to make sure they understand what’s required of both them and their band.

Q – If you had one piece of advice to give to a client what would it be?

A – We’d say, always think about your guests! We know the big day is about you and your significant other, but this is an occasion to be enjoyed by everyone you invite. There are a plenty of tips out there to make sure your guests make the most out of your wedding entertainment. One of our favourites is to avoid having the band start too early – most people want to have a few drinks, let the meal settle, and get in the mood before they get moving – and nobody wants an empty dance floor on your wedding night!

I hope that the knowledge shared by Alex will give you some sound advice on what to look for and expect from an entertainment provider.

I have published Entertainment Nation’s business details below, should you wish to contact them. I have also put together a short video on my YouTube channel showcasing some of their work. Please click here to watch the video.

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